Where are the achievements on your CV?

Where are the achievements on your CV?

Where are the achievements on your CV?

Your CV needs to be working for you!

It is hugely important that your CV works as hard as it can to market your expertise. Relevant experience and qualifications are one thing, but what really makes the difference to an employer is an indication of how you stand out from your peers and the competition. That evidence should be validated by examples of relevant achievements.

Can you include facts and figures to support these achievements? Recruiters and potential employers love achievements supported by tangible data!

You should view your CV as your piece of marketing literature. In most cases your CV is very likely your one and only chance to secure an interview, it is not the time to be generic!

Your CV is not a job description

Often job seekers only include information on their duties and responsibilities. The CV comes across like a job description with no personality or differentiating qualities. It results in the information being generic – you need to demonstrate the difference you have made in your work.

Be descriptive

If your current or previous employer was a large company, for example a ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm, there will be many professionals doing the same or similar role to you. Your CV needs to be different. It needs to demonstrate specific instances and examples of achievements that show you performing well in your role, versus your peers.

Demonstrate a ‘results and outcome thinking process’

Sometimes it can be difficult to quantify achievements. However, with a little thought you find most achievements can be transferred into a number format in some form. This could be (I) meeting key performance indicators (II) reducing time taken for a task, like the month end close for accounts (III) cutting costs – how much? or (IV) driving staff promotions – how many? Numbers are black and white and are evidence of your success. They demonstrate a results and outcome thinking process.

Show the difference you make

Achievements show the difference you have made in your work and by default the potential difference you could make to a new employer. Achievements, no matter how big or small, give a potential employer confidence in calling you to interview. And of course, this is the primary purpose of your CV.

Once you are in front of a potential employer it will often form the basis for some of the interview questions. This gives you a very natural opportunity to sell yourself and secure that opportunity!!

Best of luck!

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