5 simple tips to prepare for your Skype interview

5 simple tips to prepare for your Skype interview

Doing an important interview over Skype was once a novelty. Now it’s common practice. Many Accountants that complete their training contract in a ‘Big 4’ Accountancy firm or practice in general, often travel once they have officially qualified as an Accountant. Many choose to travel to the US or Australia, often resulting in an ACA securing a finance role internationally and remaining abroad to build up experience before returning to Ireland. In a jobs market that continues to improve and become more candidate driven in certain pockets, businesses are interviewing candidates based internationally to entice them to return to Ireland in a secured role. As Skype based interviewing continues to grow in popularity, more emphasis is now being laid on the etiquette of Skype calls and making the best impression over a Skype call. The secret to a Skype interview is to approach it in similar way as you would when attending a face to face interview. Having said that, here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind when preparing for your next Skype interview, to ensure you are putting your best food forward.

1. Get practicing and then practice some more

It is important you first get a feel of a Skype interview before facing your interview in a video call. The simplest way to do this is to perform a mock Skype interview with a friend or family member. Ensure you have the latest version of Skype installed on your computer.

2. Set up a professional background

Set the scene, make it easy for your interviewer by giving them the best visual and auditory experience. Ensure your background lighting is just right to avoid shadows and reflections on your face. You can do this by positioning a source of natural light straight onto you from behind your device.

Be aware of what’s behind you. Clear away clutter. A simple backdrop will look best on the other end of the Skype call. It is best you find a really quiet place, free of background noise to avoid undue disturbances which can distract you during your interview.

Close doors and windows and be sure to notify everyone in proximity prior to your interview!

3. Dress to impress

What you wear will make a memorable first impression, even over Skype. Just like a face to face interview, you must wear a suit. A suit makes your interviewer see you in a professional manner but it also helps you get into an interview mindset. For obvious reasons, be sure that your clothes don’t match the backdrop.

4. Maintain good posture

As you may know, part of your assessment during any interview is your body language. Sitting upright and maintaining good eye contact during a Skype interview is as important as doing so face to face. It can be tempting to stare at oneself during a video call, but train yourself to keep your eyes fixed on the camera. This will ensure the interviewer is given the impression that you are looking at them.

If you find it very tempting to look at yourself during an interview, one helpful tip is to move your picture to the part of the screen closest to the camera. You also need to avoid stooping low during your interview. The simplest way to maintain a straight up position is to raise the elevation of your computer, perhaps by placing it on a stack of books. Get all of your upper body in the visible area on camera, not just your face. Hand gestures are an important part of natural communication.

5. Exude enthusiasm

Any interview at its basics is an opportunity to sell yourself. See a Skype interview as a chance to engage your interviewer by displaying your enthusiasm through this medium. A Skype call gives you the opportunity to feel as if you are in the same room as the other person, but it is still up to you to take advantage.

It is very likely you are competing against other candidates based in Ireland, that attended a face to face interview in the company’s office. They certainly have an advantage so you need to win it! You need to be smiling through the call and keep energy in your voice. You need to be memorable.

One final tip is ensuring you put a potential employer at ease by explaining how quickly you are willing and able to return to Ireland! An employer needs to know you can book a flight and return at the earliest to ensure you are just like the local candidates in terms of your ability to start with the business, if successful.

Best of luck!

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