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Where are the achievements on your CV?

Where are the achievements on your CV? Your CV needs to be working for you! It is hugely important that your CV works as hard as it can to market your expertise. Relevant experience and qualifications are one thing, but what really makes the difference to an employer is an indication of how you stand…
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Why an accountant should consider a secondment?

One key reason why an accountant may change employer is for the opportunity to develop and accelerate their career. Often a career path in a business hits a glass ceiling due to many internal factors, like office politics within teams or department structure restrictions. Naturally an ambitious finance professional may seek alternative options. But before…
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5 simple tips to prepare for your Skype interview

Doing an important interview over Skype was once a novelty. Now it’s common practice. Many Accountants that complete their training contract in a ‘Big 4’ Accountancy firm or practice in general, often travel once they have officially qualified as an Accountant. Many choose to travel to the US or Australia, often resulting in an ACA…
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Top 7 questions to ask at the end of an interview

An interview can open you up to examining your ability to reason professionally with your interviewers. This calls for sensitivity, alertness with a bit of savvy going a long way! It may surprise you to know that the key questions may not come in the beginning but rather the later part of the interview. At…
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